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Setting up a company bank account in Dubai: What you need to know

Dubai is proud of its sophisticated and effective banking sector, which offers favorable operating conditions for businesses and contributes to the nation’s economic expansion. Dubai banks have excellent digital and mobile banking capabilities, and they continuously work to integrate cutting-edge technology. Unquestionably, the convenience of banking provided by Dubai banks helps foreign business owners establish Company formation in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is well renowned for its illustrious banking sector and the high level of customer privacy offered by the banks. The economic landscape has been formed by the phenomenal expansion of private businesses, open government policies, and a 0% corporate tax rate. Also, a strong financial system that offers favorable business environments for organizations to operate in can help the nation’s economy thrive.

The high level of anonymity is a major factor in the enormous demand for Dubai bank account opening services. One of the main factors in the success of the trustworthy and secure banking sector in Dubai is its confidentiality.

Advantages of opening a company bank account in Dubai

  • While opening a company bank account in Dubai, foreign investors and businesspeople have complete privacy at their disposal.
  • Most currencies can be used to open corporate bank accounts in Dubai, making currency exchange simple and convenient.
  • Through a business account, entrepreneurs may easily keep track of cash flows and transactions.
  • Investor can view their tax liabilities with the aid of a business account. It supports preserving tax payment transparency.
  • Company owners that want to better control expenditures use their business accounts to track their spending.

For a Company setup in Dubai, obtaining business loans for their enterprise or a credit card might be simple.

  • Free from any and all abuses of the online and telephone banking systems.
  • Here, it is also simple to provide support to international banks and their management.
  • Before creating a company bank account in Dubai
  • You are eligible to apply for creating a corporate bank account in Dubai if you have a Free Zone, as well as a branch office or subsidiary.
  • Throughout the duration of a day or a few hours, if you are a startup or an SME, your presence as a bank signatory is also required for submitting the application and verifying your passport.
  • While creating documents for a new entity in Dubai, you must take into account the type of business, the number of shareholders, the company’s history, and the business plan.

List of Documents Needed To Establish A Bank Account In Dubai

The basic list of the documents you’ll need to apply for account opening on your own is based on significant experience.

  • A thorough CV is required, in which you must list your work and commercial experience over the last 5-7 years. Moreover, confirm that the company’s business activities align with your own professional experience in a particular field before applying for a corporate bank account.
  • Utility Bill, of last three months, as a proof of address
  • The corporate records of the business
  • Throughout the previous six months, each shareholder’s personal bank statement
  • corporate bank statement for the shareholder’s current, active company for the previous six months, if relevant;
  • Corporate Document demonstrating ownership for your current business, for which the statement is given. It may be a Certificate of Incumbency or another document that the Authority has recently issued within the last six months.
  • Business plan, should contain all relevant information regarding the firm’s operations, a financial forecast, a succinct plan for business expansion, a list of possible customers, and suppliers for a trading company as well as the management team’s background.

How to register a company bank account in Dubai

  • Get a business license: A prerequisite for opening a bank account is obtaining a business license. You couldn’t open a corporate bank account in Dubai without the license since the bank wouldn’t recognize you as a corporation.
  • Prepare other corporate and legal documents: Making ensuring that all corporate and legal documentation is in order for submission would be the next step. For instance: a completed application form, a copy of the shareholder representative’s Emirates ID, a detailed business strategy, a memorandum, and articles, etc.
  • The following step would be to confirm that your stockholders also need a resident visa. While some banks might not ask for it at all, other institutions would need that as proof of residence from at least one shareholder.
  • Choose a bank: Once you have all the required paperwork, you may start looking for the bank that best meets your needs. While choosing a bank, you should also take eligibility requirements and income into account.
  • Application procedure: This procedure is typically followed after having a thorough conversation with a bank branch or advisor who gives you instructions on how to proceed.

It must be provided to the officials along with the said papers and an application that has been properly filled out. The bank will then confirm all information before approving or rejecting the application.

Upon approval, the bank investigates the management group, shareholders, and directors of the applicant.

The interview is the last step. The applicant is questioned by the bank. The bank account will be established once everything is finished.

What does it cost to register a business bank account in Dubai?

The majority of banks in the UAE don’t charge a cost to open an account, however many of them do levy an annual or transaction fee. It’s also important to keep in mind that the majority of accounts require a minimum balance of AED 5,000 to AED 150,000.

Yet, due to the complexity of the account-establishing procedure, many business owners choose to use services for opening business bank accounts. This eliminates the hassle of opening a corporate bank account in Dubai and might considerably raise the likelihood that your application will be accepted.

Which bank offers the finest services for business accounts?

Depending on your situation, you can choose the appropriate bank account for your company. While some banks rely on apps, others provide more conventional services like checkbooks.

What Makes a Business Bank Account in Dubai Necessary?

A business bank account is required in Dubai to

  • To obtain money
  • in order to invest
  • to conduct business
  • to send and receive payments from suppliers, customers, and other parties.

Having a business account in the UAE has a number of benefits.

  • Credit flow

A business bank account makes it simpler for business owners to keep track of transactions and cash flows.

  • Control of expenses

A business account can help business owners better track their spending and control costs.

  • Calculating taxes

A business account allows organizations to analyze their tax obligations while preserving the openness of tax payments.

  • Professionalism

Many customers are reluctant to make a deposit into a personal account. In fact, they favor paying a business account rather than the owner when sending payments. Potential clients are more confident and regard business accounts as being more professional.

  • Enterprise Loan

Having a corporate account might be helpful for business owners who wish to take out loans for their enterprise or apply for a business credit card.

  • Payments by card

The business can take credit card payments from customers thanks to this bank account.

  • Account for foreign currency

Foreign currencies are an option when opening a business bank account. This indicates a simple currency exchange.

Once your company is operating in Dubai, you will need a corporate bank account there in order to pay taxes, receive and send money, conduct business, and do ordinary operational tasks. Without a business bank account, it is difficult to conduct business there and interact with clients from abroad. So that you may use your time focusing on other essential business activities, you can call our expert company setup specialist to help you open your bank account. This will help you prevent any unnecessary delays that would harm your business transactions.

We are a top Business consultant in Dubai that provides a variety of services to our clients. Please get in touch with us if the following requirements have satisfied your needs and we would be happy to help you.


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