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Business Sponsorship

Business Sponsorship

The UAE region is full of business opportunities as it provides a lot of advantages. It is filled with benefits for budding entrepreneurs who aspire to start their own companies in UAE. One of the prerequisites for any foreigner who wishes to set up a business in UAE is to have a local sponsor. The sponsor should have the citizenship of a UAE nation.

We, at JDB Corporation, assist you in finding and appointing a business sponsor for your company. We help in building a strong and entrusting relationship with your business’s local sponsor. We ensure that you get the right match and have a long-lasting relationship with your local sponsor. We make sure you get a trusted sponsor. We assure you that your organization or business is in safe hands.

Types of Sponsors

Prerequisites for a local sponsor:

  • must be the citizens of UAE.
  • the age should be over 21 years.
  • can be male or female.
  • can be professionals.
  • maybe business owners.
  • may be government employees.
  • they can be licensed corporate entities

But there are several types of sponsors available in UAE:

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Local service agent

We ensure that you begin the professional services of your business well with all the clearances from the government authorities. We make sure your business sponsor acts as a representative in all the proceedings of official and government bodies. Our team of consultants interpret Arabic business documents for you and other important activities related to your business. Our legal experts at JSB Corporation investigate the background and earlier business deals of your sponsor. This makes sure that the sponsors you selected are reliable and legitimate.  We document all the duties, expectations and fees clearly in writing before executing any sponsorship agreement.

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