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Commercial License

Commercial License in UAE

Before you establish a business in Dubai – or anywhere else in the UAE – you must first decide on the sort of license you want to get.

This will be fully determined by the type of your company’s operations. There are three categories of licenses to pick from: commercial, industrial, and professional.

The latter, commercial, is what we’ll be looking at today. A commercial license allows you to engage in the trading, import, and export of items into, out of, and within the UAE, as well as the sale of certain services.

For a variety of reasons, the commercial license is quite popular in Dubai and the UAE. For one thing, Dubai is well-known around the world for its wonderful, strategic location.

Steps to get your commercial license in Dubai

Obtaining a commercial license in the UAE is simple if you seek the assistance and supervision of an experienced company formation professional.

There are only three basic procedures involved, ending in the submission of your license application.

Step 1: Free zone or mainland setup?

One of the most significant factors when starting your UAE business is whether to set up in a free zone or in the mainland.

Both have several advantages. Benefits of free zones such as Fujairah Creative City include a quick and straightforward establishment procedure, continuing business assistance, and financial advantages such as tax exemptions and zero currency limitations.

There are several kinds of free zone licenses available. Many free zones provide a variety of license categories, such as industrial, commercial, e-commerce, and professional services.

Step 2: Your company name

Choosing a company name is a critical step in starting a business in the UAE. When making this selection, there are a few factors to consider. You must adhere to a stringent, yet simple, set of naming rules. Once again, a business formation specialist can assist you with this phase.

In short, avoid using disrespectful or profane words. Avoid well-known company names and acronyms if naming your firm after yourself – for example, Dave Mann Consulting rather than D Mann Consulting. You must also ensure that the name you want to use is accessible for registration.

Step 3: Your license application

The final step is to submit your business license application. If you are establishing a business on the mainland, you can apply directly to the DED. If you have chosen a free zone configuration, you can apply to the free zone immediately.

In any event, hiring a business formation professional at this stage is a smart option to ensure a quick and easy procedure.

Benefits of having a commercial license in Dubai

The majority of international investors are unaware that having a commercial license provides various benefits to those starting firms in Dubai. Many of the advantages are as follows:

Documents required for a commercial license in Dubai

Completed application form

Passport copy of the proposed owner or owners

Two colour passport size photos.

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In order to buy and sell any commodities or goods or involve in a trading activity, companies in Dubai, UAE have to possess a valid Commercial License. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a business activity connected with trading in Dubai – apply for a Commercial License – it is as simple as that. Commercial License in UAE is issued from 3 jurisdictions. The investor may select from any of the 3. The investor should opt for the most feasible location prior to applying for the Commercial License.

The “strategic location of Dubai” is one of the biggest advantages as far as any business establishment or trading firm is concerned. Dubai is one of the most happening trading hubs in Asia. It is well connected by international air and sea routes. Dubai has the 3rd busiest airport in the world – Dubai International Airport – serves as an international gateway to both Asia and Africa. Dubai has well-equipped and world-class seaports like Port Rashid, Jebel Ali and Al Hamriya that handle both passenger and cargo operations. A well-planned and business-friendly transport infrastructure make Dubai – a trader’s paradise.

Prior to the application for a commercial license in Dubai, one needs to decide on the trading activities that are going to be conducted under the same. Have a clear understanding of the type or category of your business activity before you set up a business in Dubai. Business activities related to buying and selling and certain service-oriented endeavours come under Commercial License. The major activities that come under the commercial license in Dubai, UAE are listed below.

    • Logistics
    • Import and export
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Import and Export
    • Brokerage
    • Product-oriented sales (electronics, construction, shops, stores etc)
    • Real Estate
    • Rental business

After deciding on the business trading activities, choose your business trade name and register it. Following this, submit all the relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development and the UAE Federal Ministry of Economy to get your commercial license in the country.

The DED will issue a commercial for your business in Dubai based on the documents you submit. The commercial license in Dubai will be valid for one year; after expiry, you need to renew it. Here are the documents needed to apply for a Commercial License in Dubai.

Fill the name of the company in an application form. The name should be specified in both English and Arabic.

Lease contract form connected with the registered address of the company.

Sponsor/partner MOA

Dubai Municipality Department permit sanctioning the business address

License Fee proof.

DED issues the Commercial License after verifying the above-mentioned documents.

The validity of the license is 1 year and therefore it is mandatory to renew the same when it reaches the expiry. The documents needed to obtain the Commercial license and the ones needed for license renewal are not identical. You have a different group of Documents for License renewal. And they are listed below.

Copy/original of license

Registered address lease contract (copy)

Concerned authority approvals (if needed)

Information regarding staff’s accommodation, applicable to foreign shareholder firms.

After you have accomplished the license renewal, the renewed trade license has an extended validity of 5 years.


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