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Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

A commercial license in Dubai is a license that permits your business or organisation to trade in goods or trading activities in Dubai. These commodities can be imported and sold in the UAE. The goods are to be exported for sale outside of the UAE. These products can be traded solely within the UAE if you have a commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Department, Dubai.

The commercial license allows you to trade in every type of good like jewellery, electronics, food and many more. Your organisation or company would be able to sell services like brokerage and real estate with a commercial licence. We at JSB Corporation help you choose from a wide variety of activities. 

Here are the few activities which are allowed by the Department of Economic Department under commercial license are as follows:

  • General store
  • Trading of automobiles
  • Trading of shoes, tanks, and silos
  • Installation of electronic equipment and their maintenance
  • Cold storage and self-storage services
  • Management of the restaurant

For the complete list of the activities, you can check with the Department of Economic Development, Dubai.

Advantages of Commercial License

Commercial Licence in Dubai and UAE has many benefits which your organisation can get. We have listed a few of them below:

  • It enables your company to trade many products.
  • You can trade in any region in Dubai and UAR
  • For renewal of commercial licence, auditing is not necessary.
  • Your organization can obtain employment visas for foreigners.
  • Foreign commercial trading is allowed for your business or company.
  • Commercial licence allows you to have a corporate bank account in Dubai.

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