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Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone

The airport in Dubai Freezone, a thriving commercial hub at the epicenter of international trade, was founded in 1996. Dubai airport free zone offers the ideal gateway to the Middle East as well as a connection to Europe.

More than 2300 registered businesses, representing more than 20 different industries and professions, call the Dubai airport free zone home. These companies enjoy the benefits of a business-focused regulatory and tax-free environment that allows for total ownership, complete repatriation of earnings, and a variety of top-notch facilities.

One of the Middle East’s fastest-growing free zones, the Dubai Airport Freezone offers amazing incentive packages to investors. Like all of the UAE Free Zones in Dubai, the Dubai Airport Free Zone has a number of advantages over places outside the free zones. One of Dubai’s most prestigious and technologically advanced free zones, Dubai airport free zone offers a business-friendly environment, first-rate infrastructure, tax exemptions, full repatriation of earnings, total ownership, and first-rate amenities as well as a base from which to conduct business in the Middle East.

The following are the office amenities that Dubai airport free zone provides:

  • movable desks
  • the executive suites
  • Warehouses and storage spaces

Features of Dubai airport free zone

Dubai airport free zone which is strategically situated near the Dubai International Airport boasts quick clearance and efficient document processing to increase commercial activity. Businesses that register there have access to many benefits from Dubai airport free zone. Within the free zone itself, a variety of government services are accessible:

  • 365-day customs office
  • Notary Public Banks Telecommunications companies

In the United Arab Emirates, it is one of the few free zones that offer dual licensing with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. It enables companies to deliver their products and services to customers while maintaining complete ownership. Direct flights from Dubai airport free zone can be taken to 240 different locations all over the world.

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