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Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone

The Dubai South Free Zone is previously called Dubai World Central. It will function as an economic zone to support a variety of activities near Al Maktoum International Airport, including logistics, aviation, commercial, exhibition, humanitarian, and other related businesses. The annual capacity of the Dubai south free zone is 12 million tonnes of cargo and 160 million passengers

Dubai south free zone Offer

  • The smart desk is a flexible desk that may be utilized five days a week for one hour.
  • A smart office is not a private office; it is a shared office. can be used five times per week for one hour.
  • Clients are leased permanent facilities with no restrictions on usage times. They possess the keys and regularly utilize the desk facilities.

Features of Dubai south free zone

  • A leader among all Dubai free zone firm formation possibilities, Dubai South Free Zone was established in 2006. One of the newest and fastest-growing authorities is the Dubai south free zone.
  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai both have easy access to Dubai South. Free zone’s favorable location near Al Maktoum Airport. It creates numerous possibilities for trade operations involving flying cargo. It anticipates a significant influx of people for both business and recreation.
  • Both the metro line and an automobile can be used to get to the place.
  • Dubai South will be a special area for business as well as a brand-new residential neighborhood with all amenities. This makes it a popular location in Dubai for business setup.

Facilities of Dubai south free zone

  • The Dubai south free zone provides all necessary amenities:
  • A Flexi desk
  • Smart fully furnished offices with permanent desks, flex offices, executive offices, warehouses, and land are all available. Part of its mission is to leverage its location to connect air and seaports, permitting businesses, and individuals.

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