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Free Zone Company Formation umm-al-quwain

Free Zone Company Formation

Although Free zone company formation umm-al-quwain was established in 1987, it wasn’t until 2014 when it underwent some restructuring and began advertising the services that it came to the attention of the general public. It is situated in the UAE’s smallest Emirate but has all the amenities that larger free zones are putting forth.

Form a corporation in the Umm Al Quwain free zone

  • You can register a company without going in person. However, in order to incorporate, the shareholders must sign the forms and mail the actual hard copies.
  • For the establishment of the business, the proprietors must furnish specific personal documents, such as:
  • Copy of the UAE entry stamp on a passport for visa-eligible setups
  • photo in passport size for visa-eligible setups
  • a recent utility bill showing your address

Within 1-2 working days after the documents are received by the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone government, your firm will be registered.

Advantages of establishing a business in Umm Al Quwain

Quick and simple setup

The speed and convenience with which businesses can move from the idea to the finished product are one of the primary advantages. Here, forming a company just takes two to four weeks.

Excellent for Small Business Owners

For small businesses and independent contractors with little resources, the free zone is a great asset. This free zone has become popular among business owners with the government’s support in the form of numerous incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Location judicious

The Free Zone’s geographically advantageous location is one of its main benefits. The low cost of life and labour helps the area. The Middle East and North Africa region, the subcontinent, as well as the Far Eastern and European markets, are home to billions of prospective clients. The primary ports of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Airport, and Sharjah International Airport are all close by.

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