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Freelancer Visa Dubai

Freelancer Visa Dubai

We at JSB Incorporation in Dubai provide recommend foreign citizens for freelance visas in various sectors. For a freelance visa, you do not necessarily need a sponsor or to be hired by any company in the UAE. We help you in acquiring a freelance Visa which acts as a work permit in Dubai.

You can apply for a freelance license or permit, allowing you to operate full-time as a freelancer in Dubai. After obtaining the freelance permit, you can apply for a Dubai freelance visa. It allows you to live in Dubai with your family members in Dubai from 1 to 5 years.

The freelance license is used to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai. You must be officially registered as a freelancer in the free zones of Dubai. So, it is mandatory to have a freelancer license in Dubai. We assist in the following services:

  • We aid and help you in obtaining a freelancer license in Dubai. Many free zones in Dubai have the possibility to obtain a freelance license.
  • For obtaining you should select the suitable type of activity. We assure you have the correct set of necessary documents, and you can pay the established fee.
  • A freelancer license in Dubai is issued for a maximum of one year. We make sure that the renewal is done on time when you continue to take our services.
  • We help you in enjoying all the advantages of a freelance Dubai visa. You do not have to even possess a physical office space.

Advantages of Freelance Dubai Visa

  • You get access to the office and use various services, such as mail, administrator, conference room, etc.
  • You can apply for a freelancer license in Dubai for one or several people.
  • It allows you to conduct your business or work in Dubai.
  • Work at your convenience with the flexibility of time
  • You can sponsor your family members.
  • Help in getting accessibility to Free zone’s business centre.

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