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Industrial License Dubai UAE

Industrial License Dubai UAE

An industrial license in Dubai is mandatory for you if you are looking for businesses that aim to set up a manufacturing process.  It includes all activities like buying the required raw materials, importing goods, production and other services required for the sales and services. The activities that can be conducted by your business under the industrial license in Dubai largely involve production, packaging, segregation, collection, etc. You can select from the wide range of activities that can be done when you possess a commercial license in Dubai and the UAE. Some of the many activities are the binding of books, casting of metals, the printing of cards & envelopes, manufacturing of packaged food items and beverages, hologram production, packaging of medicines and pharma items, manufacturing of different types of textiles items and many other activities.

Our team at JSB Corporation makes the procurement process of Industrial licences in Dubai hassle-free and quicker. We understand your needs and requirements, we ensure to work by your preferences and choices.  We help you in taking better decisions as our solutions are backed up with years of experience and research.  Our team of legal experts assists you to keep you updated with the legal amendments made by the government if any. Our consultants study the changing trends of the market in Dubai and provide you with the best resolutions for the growth of the organisation.

There are certain prerequisites for obtaining an industrial license in Dubai which are mentioned below:

  • You must open a physical office in Dubai.
  • The company should be able to pay the share capital.
  • The smallest workforce in your organisation should be at least 10 workers.
  • You should have a local sponsor if you aspire to locate your office on the mainland.

Connect with us for acquiring an industrial licence in Dubai and the UAE. We help you in fulfilling all the criteria mentioned above. We at JSB Corporation ensure that your business gets started without any hindrances and obstacles at your preferred location and timelines.

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