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Investor Visa Services

Investor Visa Services

We at JSB Incorporation ensure being a foreign national in UAE, you can plan to invest in properties or establish a business hassle-free. We do assist our customers in getting their resident permit investor visa. The investor visa enables you to have an opportunity to live in Dubai and leave whenever you wish to before its end. Dubai is emerging as one of the best commercial hubs for investors and entrepreneurs. The investor visa provided by the country’s government has attracted people from across the world to make Dubai their business location.

Types of Investor Visa

  • Ten-year Investor visa
  • Three-year Investor Visa
  • Five years Investor Visa
  • Two years Investor Visa

The JSB Corporation team helps procure any investor visas mentioned above according to your requirements and demands. Each type of Investor visa has different options, and we help you select the best one according to your budget and needs.  

Benefits of having a Dubai Investor Visa

A Dubai Investor visa holder can enjoy the following advantages in Dubai

  • UAE Driving license
  • Financial Facilities
  • UAE Property with easy payment plans
  • Access to government health services and health insurance
  • Registration of your children in world class UAE government and private schools
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • Work and Investment
  • Travel visa free to certain destination
  • Sponsor parents, spouse, and children to Dubai

We help you with the proper documentation when you apply for an investor visa. We make sure to follow up on the processing of permits. Our team takes care of each step in obtaining your investor visa. We properly discuss and guide you on the pre-requisite for obtaining an investor visa. We keep our procedure and steps transparent so you can rely on us entirely.  

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