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Jafza Offshore Company

Jafza Offshore Company

One of the oldest, biggest, and most well-known free zones in the United Arab Emirates is the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority known as JAFZA, which was founded in 1985. After the jafza offshore company Regulations 2003 were published, the free zone began to assist with offshore company established in Dubai. Investors and corporate entities are permitted to establish offshore or non-resident firms in the free zone under the offshore company formation regulations.

For investors looking to set up a business to utilize as a holding company or to buy real estate in Dubai, JAFZA offshore company formation is the best option. Investors typically establish an offshore corporation in JAFZA to reduce tax obligations or safeguard valuables. The Authority will issue a certificate of incorporation in place of a trade licence because JAFZA offshore businesses are not permitted to conduct any business operations in the United Arab Emirates. The investors must establish an offshore business through licensed agents in Dubai who will offer the business office space.

Jafza Offshore Companies Regulations, 2018, allow for the establishment of an offshore company in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone.

An authorized Registered Agent must register an offshore corporation. The registered office of the company serves as the Registered Agent’s place of business.

One shareholder is the bare minimum number required.

a minimum of one director. Secretary needed. A secretary can also be a director. Natural individuals must serve as directors or secretaries. No required minimum capital exists.

Upon allocation, all shares must be paid in full. Currently, joint ownership of shares is not permitted.

Shareholders must appear in person before Jafza to sign the incorporation forms; alternatively, a power of attorney may be granted to a designated individual, who may then sign in front of Jafza after being notarized and legalized by the UAE Embassy.

Individual stockholders must provide the following paperwork: a detailed CV and an original bank reference.

  • A legible passport photo
  • An electric bill

The following documents must be certified and legalised by the UAE Embassy in the event of corporate shareholders: the memorandum and articles of association or the foundation document

  • Incorporation certificate; – Board decision; – Certificate of good standing; – Original bank reference
  • Directors’ utility bill

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