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Mainland License

Dubai Mainland License, UAE

For investors and commercial institutions, establishing a mainland firm in Dubai may be a very profitable investment opportunity. Mainland firms are business entities that are permitted to operate and function inside the bounds of Emirati authority in specific geographical zones. In Dubai, all commercial, professional, and single establishments registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) are referred as as Dubai Mainland License. To begin with, having a Dubai mainland license gives you the most freedom and flexibility in growing and operating your firm. The government amends several legislation and procedures that regulate the operation of mainland enterprises in the UAE.

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Our goal at JSB Business Setup is that you do not waste time seeking approval, worrying about certification from the appropriate regulatory organizations, or even translating papers into Arabic. We make sure that forming an LLC on the Dubai mainland is simple and painless. We take care of the details so you can focus entirely on your business.

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Before you do anything, talk to one of our experts at company formation in Dubai. We’ll show you how easy the company formation process is and how we can help you setting up your company in Dubai easily.

Complete guide on Mainland license in Dubai

Starting a business on the mainland is a process that involves getting a trade license and taking care of formalities. From understanding the requirements of business trade license in Dubai to

Step 1 – Select Business Activity

Decide on a business activity that you would want to conduct in Dubai or any other the given Emirates. Try to comprehend the feasibility of the business activity and if you can conduct the preferred business activity in the region.

Step 2 – Choose a local UAE sponsor or partner

Finding a local UAE sponsor is the most central aspect of getting a business license in Dubai. This is mainly because if you end up with a wrong sponsor, it will not only mess your business but also create difficulties in regulating your company. Ask JSB about UAE local sponsorship services.

Step 3 – Select Legal Form or Legal Structure

UAE does have a legal form or legal structure. This legal structure is implied by the Dubai Economic Department and must be adhered by the company.

Step 4 – Reserve Trade Name

Decide a name for your company or business that will regulate as an identity for your business. You must reserve a trade name in accordance to the Dubai Economic Department and follow the set of procedures as per their disclosure.

Step 5 – Apply for Initial Approval

Apply for Initial Approval with the Dubai Economic Department after you have received your initial paperwork. The initial approval provides you the opportunity to start your business in Dubai and simultaneously apply for other certifications as noted by the DED.

Step 6 – Get External Approvals

Some business may require approvals from the Dubai municipality, ministries and other judicial bodies. Getting the external approvals is also extremely important and must be followed by the commercial entity so that the company is licensed.

Step 7 – Acquire Paperwork / Documentation

Any requirement of supplementary paperwork and documentations depend from company to company. Various business types may require additional paperwork considering where and how they would like to setup their business in Dubai.

Step 8 – Rent an Office

If you are planning to incorporate a new business, it is essential as well as mandate under some circumstances to have an office on rent in Dubai. There are other affordable options such as

Step 9 – Get Ejari for the office / commercial space

Ejari, means “My rent” in Arabic, is an initiative sponsored by RERA to regulate the leasing and renting sector in the emirate of Dubai. Business setups in Dubai need to showcase their Ejari to the DED in order to get their business license by the Dubai Economic Department.

Step 10 – Make the relevant payments

The Dubai Economic Department and the various administrational authorities involved do charge a fee to license your company in Dubai. To get your company licensed in Dubai in the most cost-effective manner contact JSB Business Setup.

Step 11 – Get your business license in Dubai

Planning on company formation in Dubai? You need to know about business trade licenses in Dubai! Speak to JSB Business Setup today! JSB saves time and reduces the overall Dubai trade license cost and ensures your business is licensed in accordance with the Dubai Economic Department.


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