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Media License in UAE

Nobody can stop time; it will continue to progress, but modern technology is one step ahead of it. The internet’s importance and influence have become revolutionary in the globe commercial field. If business advertising via the internet is avoided nowadays, growth and profit would suffer. In other words, social media marketing is sufficient for all types of enterprises. As part of that, businesspeople will need to embrace sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube (whatever they are). In this regard, the UAE government has implemented a number of corporate growth policies. The media license is important in the UAE since the National Media Council (NMC) there offers this authoritative document, which is required.

How to get a media license in the UAE

There are two options to get a media license as a social media influencer in the UAE

Get an individual license from the NMC

will be required from the NMC. The license will allow you to freely post and promote your blogs and vlogs. The license will provide you freedom on creative level and allow you to run a full-fledged business. You may speak to a business consultant for Free to understand the process better.

Get into a contract with an NMC certified agency

Contracting with an NMC-certified agency has little charges but may be a cheaper choice. However, an NMC approved agency may impose several constraints and limitations on your creative freedom. In addition, each agency has its own set of standards, documents, and authorization. Even while an NMC-certified agency may appear to be a more cost-effective alternative in many cases, most social media influencers prefer individual licenses.


What are the steps to get a social media license

1. Outlining your business activities

First things first, we’ll need to know a little about your business activities so we can ensure that the social media license is right for you. This is an important step as carrying out any activity without the correct license can lead to fines and other complications.

2. Choosing your company name

Next, we will help you choose a company name for your business. If you are setting up as an individual, your company name will be the same as your personal name.

There are a few other things to keep in mind at this stage, too. You must abide by a strict, yet easy to follow, set of naming conventions.

3. Applying for your social media license

Now you are ready to apply for your social media license. You can do this in the Dubai mainland or via one of the emirate’s free zones.

4. Applying for your visas

You’ll need a residency visa to work in the UAE. The visa application process consists of several steps including biometric scanning, a blood test, medical and a chest X-ray.

As the holder of a UAE business license, you can also sponsor others for their visas. This could be a spouse, parent or child, or a domestic worker such as a housekeeper

5. Opening your corporate bank account

To take and make payments freely within the UAE and beyond, you’ll require a corporate bank account.

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