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Professional Licence in Dubai

Professional Licence in Dubai

We are experts who can provide you hundred per cent of the ownership of your company. You can achieve that by obtaining a professional licence in Dubai. We assist you by taking care of judicial formalities and you need to associate with us to enjoy 100 per cent ownership. We would not have any direct involvement in the company. Our experts at JSB Corporation handle all Licensing processes and will apply for professional licenses, and work and residence permit on behalf of your company or business. Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible to take care of all the events linked to Professional licences in Dubai.

Our team at JSB Corporation helps you to supply a clear explanation of the activities that would be undertaken in your business. We assist you in applying for the License you would get initial approval from the DED. Then you can start your business with your professional licence in Dubai.

Why do you need a professional licence?

  • Professional trade licence is mandatory for all service-oriented companies.
  • A professional license allows 100% ownership for foreign investors,
  • This licence allows you to enjoy the advantages of a sole proprietorship.
  • The agent will not have any direct involvement in the activities of your company. They will have no equity.
  • You are legally allowed to work for or give your services to any customer or employer in Dubai.
  • You would have many choices to select the type of company you wish to set up in Dubai.
  • Enjoy zero tax payments when you set up your company in free zones.
  • Your company can engage with a vast variety of clients and markets.
  • You do not need to pay any corporate taxes and income taxation from the capital you earn.

Connect with us to obtain your Professional License in Dubai at an affordable and economical cost.

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