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UAE Trade Licence

UAE Trade Licence

We assist you in getting in touch with the Department of Economic Development which issues trade licenses in the UAE. A trade licence is a very important document which allows you to engage your organisation in activities which you may wish to do in UAE. We guide you in every step and procedure for obtaining a trade licence.

Various Categories of Trade Licenses in UAE

Here we would discuss different types of trade licences which are as follows:

Commercial license:  Commercial licenses are assigned to organizations that deal in goods and commodities. For example, import and export businesses, real estate or car rental services.

Industrial licenses: These licences are for the industries which take up manufacturing work in the region of UAE.

Professional licenses: This type of licence is for working professionals in the field of medicine, security, teaching, printing services, consultancy, IT and other technical services. 

Tourism license: This licence is mandatory for any organization that wishes to work for the hotel industry and tourism industry. It widely includes activities like tourist trips, cruise boats or any other travel activity.

Agriculture license: This licence is for the organization that wants to take up farming work which includes harvesting, cultivating and developing greenhouses etc.

Freelance license: This type of licence is introduced by the government of UAE to support freelancers in the regions who can work without any hassles or difficulties.

Advantages of Trade Licences

  • Trade licences allow the organisation to grow their trade locally as well as internationally.
  • Exporting becomes easier and helps in boosting your returns on investment
  • Your company’s credibility is enhanced as you follow the laws and regulations framed by the local government.
  • There are no restrictions on trade in Dubai. Your trading licenses help your organisation, services or products from any restrictions as long as it is registered.
  • Trade licences in UAE can be obtained very quickly and we assist you in obtaining them at every step.
  • You can easily sponsor dependents easily once you have a trading licence. With this facility, you can easily call your family members or employees from your native country.

We at JSB Corporation handhold you at every step in the procedure for obtaining a UAE Trade Licence. We have an amazing team which understands your needs and gets your documentation right. So, contact us for obtaining a UAE Trade Licence.

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