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VAT & Accounting

VAT & Accounting

JSB Corporation has an expert team which provides VAT and accounting services with an excellent book-keeping service. We have a dedicated relationship manager to look after your financial transactions in your accounts in a prompt manner.

Benefits of Proper accounting for your business

  • We ensure there is a proper record of all financial transactions as it becomes easy to track the cash flow. We make note of minor transactions which usually go unrecorded. Keeping proper records empowers you to make important decisions like cutting down on excessive expenses or rechannelling cash.
  • We properly assess the financial state of your company which helps to streamline cash flow. We can accurately budget for future activities or projects. We ensure that your business is safeguarded.
  • We can easily detect any discrepancies via forensic accounting or internal auditing. These issues can be resolved in compliance with UAE law.
  • We ensure you comply with the laws mandated by the government for the smooth functioning of your business.
  • We help you keep a comprehensive ledger account as it is mandatory for easy tax computation.
  • We make sure that your business is evaluated on a regular basis which is very essential in the ever-changing dynamic market of UAE.
  • We undertake VAT services which include regular review of the VAT system, implementation of the VAT system, reviewing the existing accounting systems, assisting in registration procedures and timely filing of VAT returns.
  • We undertake the work of accounting for your business. It is complex work, you can hire us and all the tasks are handled by us effectively.
  • You can spend your time on other essential tasks that require your attention and time.

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